Vision and Depiction 2024 took place from 7 to 9 February 2024. There are two ways to relive the experience:

After two conferences The Skin of Things 2018 and 2021 that focussed on the depiction and perception of material properties, we decided to broaden the scope and organise Vision and Depiction 2024. As this event lies in the past, the information below is not so relevant anymore.

Venue & transport

The conference will take place in the building of Industrial Design Engineering, adress is Landbergstraat 15. It is located on the TU Delft campus which is surprisingly close to the city center and train station. So close that you can actually walk everything. But if you want to take a bus, you can take them either at the train station or at the next stop Zuidpoort. Two stops further and you’ll already be at the venue.

For transportation planning you can best use the website or app of the national railways NS which contains all public transport scheduling. There are direct trains between Delft and Schiphol. If the travel planner suggest to take a so-called ‘intercity direct’ I would ignore it as you need to buy a ticked supplement and it travels via Rotterdam where you need to transfer.



This conference about pictorial production and perception aims to bring artists, designers, and scientists together to discuss various overlapping themes. These themes are based on our Vision and Depiction framework that has been developed while teaching about perception and communication. The framework describes the form and content of pictures. For now, we envision talk sessions centring around the elements of the framework. Within these themes, we hope to evoke discussions on both the medium and representation but also in the directions of semiotics and iconography and further contextual contemplation.

V+D Framework

Information for presenters

Poster presentation

Posters should be prepaired in A0 portrait orientation (118.8 cm high and 84 cm wide). If you want, you can print your poster in Delft at CSinBKCity, here are the prices. In order to do so:

Oral presentation

You can bring your own laptop or a USB. Please check whether everything works during the break before your session. Duration of talks is 12 minutes and then 3 minutes time for questions.

Special activities

Workshop by Delft Design Drawing

The design education in Delft has a long tradition of design drawing. During the workshop, they will ensure that you will not only contemplate but also practice Vision and Depiction.

When Images Remain

Before heading out for dinner, we will have a short evening walk to the TU Delft library to visit the on-campus art installation ‘When Images Remain’. In the photo below a light emitting strip can be seen, which is actually a window towards the TU Delft heritage collection. Here, When Images Remain shows a collection of magic lantern slides used in art eduction around 1930, complemented with images used in contemporary art education, interpolated by a generative prompting: the Vision and Depiction framework in action.



We hope to attract a wide variety of scientists and artists. Here is an indication of potential disciplines that we envision.

The keynote collective

We are very excited to host a group of artists and scientists that represent both the core and the breadth of Vision and Depiction. While we may add one or two extra, we can now confirm the participation of the artists:

… and scientists:

… and our special guest:


We have a top-down idea about our ideal set op topics, although this will critically depend on the submissions we attract. In reality the program will likely be also driven by a bottom up approach where we cluster the available contributions into meaningful units. But before reality hits, these topics would ideally serve as pillars:

Location and venue

The conference will take place in the city of Vermeer, Delft, which is both a unique historical city in the Netherlands and hosts the Delft University of Technology. The city easy to reach by bike, car and train, and is a 38 minutes train ride away from Schiphol (Amsterdam) Airport. Everything is so close-by that in most cases you do not even need a bicycle. When walking from the train station to the campus you actually pass by the place Vermeer painted View on Delft, although it looks a bit different nowadays. The main conference will be on campus, but we may have some activities elsewhere.



Registration is now open and can be done here. If you also submit an abstract, you should use mention the title of you contribution in the registration form.

We have some funding but to cover the total cost of the conference we need to ask for a registration fee:

Type Early bird (until 15 december) Late
Full rate €120 €170
Reduced €70 €100
Waiver free free

Waivers are available for (a limited amount of) artists. Please reach out if you have questions about the waiver program.

Cancellation policy


The talks will be recorded and shared (if speakers permit), but participation and interaction is aimed to be in-person.

Abstract submission and presentation types

Please submit a 300 word abstract of your contribution between 15 October and 15 November 2023. You can only submit one abstract as first author, but as many as you want as co-author. During the submission process you can share your preference for a poster or oral presentation. It could happen that the preferred oral presentations exceed the time we have for the conference. In that case we will assign posters on the basis of the reviewer assessments. We hope that poster presentations will not be seen as something less than oral presentations, posters are great media to facilitate direct and unrestricted discussions.




Organizing committee

Maarten Wijntjes
Catelijne van Middelkoop
Nim Goede
Gul Onat<>


V+D Framework V+D Framework V+D Framework